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To join our Reverse Mortgage News program is quite easy. The monthly subscription fee is $18. You simply send us a mail indication your interest to be a part of the program. Your mail should indicate how long you would like to subscribe for the service. You should also indicate a primary and secondary email address that we should send the weekly news summary to. The additional email address is just to make sure that you get the news summary each week. 

As soon as we get your mail we would reply you with a mail acknowledging your request and providing a link directing you to where you would have to make payment online. As soon as you make payment you will get a mail acknowledging receipt of your payment, telling you when your subscription will start and expire and alerting you on when to expect the very first news summary. 

As a member of our Reverse Mortgage News weekly program you have to agree not to use our material for publication online or offline. Our news service provides very useful sources of information when updating your website, blogs or magazines. We however do not allow our articles to be completely copied word by word and published in an online or offline media. The only exception to this is if we are clearly quoted as the source of the information. When used in verbatim by online websites and blogs a one way link to our website should be placed to acknowledge the source of the articles. If you are found to disregard this rule we hold the right to terminate your subscription without warning and with no refunds.

All news items that we send are written in article format by an expert team of writers. The articles are concise, fact filled and present information in clear easy to understand manner. We do not copy and paste or just copy news sources directly from source. All our news items are well researched and referenced in case you wish to seek the source of the information.

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